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akciğer enfeksiyonları tedavisi ankara prof. dr. serdar han

Lung Infections Requiring Surgical Treatment What is Lung Infection?

As a result of the widespread use of advanced antibiotics according to culture results, the need for surgery has decreased a lot in lung infections. However, there is still a patient group that requires surgical treatment to get satisfactory results. It is necessary to detect lung infections well in the early period and prevent unnecessary drug treatment.

What Are Lung Infections?

What is Bronchiectasis?

Bronchiectasis is the irreversible deterioration of the structure of the small airways. With this deterioration, patients often experience lung infections. During these diseases, they produce plenty of phlegm. Bleeding can be seen in the following periods. There are many reasons that can cause bronchiectasis. Care should be taken in presenting them. These patients go to chest diseases more frequently. Complaints are tried to be resolved with antibiotic treatments. However, some patients are suitable for surgical treatment. If surgical treatment can be applied to them at the appropriate time, patients can definitely get rid of unnecessarily long treatments and abundant sputum at once. For this reason, it will be in favor of the patients that these patients should be examined by thoracic surgeons. Not all patients are suitable for surgery. Certain criteria for us to perform surgery. Localized cystic bronchiectasis in a certain area is normal in other areas.

What is Lung Abscess?

Lung abscess is a pathological formation characterized by necrosis and suppuration and limited to fibrous tissue reaction, which occurs as a result of various etiological reasons and pathological processes in the lung parenchyma. Today, it is one of the diseases that can be easily solved with drug treatments. If complications due to lung abscess develop, then thoracic surgery may come into play. Recently, medical treatment alone is sufficient.

What is Hydatid Cyst?

Hydatid cyst is a parasitic disease. It is popularly known as cat-dog disease. It is generally seen in those who live in a farm environment in rural areas or those who have cats and dogs at home. In order to prevent all these, the most important preventive action to be taken is that the parasitic organs of the sick victims should not be given to cats and dogs and they should be buried in the deepest places. Hydatid cyst loves the liver the most. Then the lung is the most common place. There is no organ where the hydatid cyst does not settle, they can be seen everywhere. It continues to grow by reproducing where it is settled. It can reach the size of a huge balloon. They are detected incidentally or when they cannot fit and give symptoms after they grow. When detected in the lung, the only treatment for now is the surgical approach. If we only use medicine, the cyst will die, but the residue will remain inside. This will lead to problems that can be seen later in the lung. Of course, this body will have to be removed as well. Therefore, if a hydatid cyst is detected in the lung, it should be seen by a thoracic surgeon. After the surgery, preventive drug treatments are usually given so that new cysts do not appear.

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Lung Infections Short Facts

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