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What is Lung Cancer? What are the types?
What are the symptoms?

ankara akciger kanseri ve akciger kanseri tedavisi prof. dr. serdar han

What is a Lung Malignant Tumor?

Prof. Dr. Serdar Khan

It is popularly known as lung cancer. Lung cancers, among cancers  They are tumors that continue to reproduce (grow) and tend to spread. most common in the world  are among the most common tumors. Although it is so common , its diagnosis and treatment is unfortunately not that early. The main reason for this is until you make a complaint.  cancer reaching a significant size in the lung and meanwhile  out of the lung  is a splash.  During this period, they do not give any symptoms or are not taken seriously because they cause complaints that can be seen in everyone. The most important complaints  It can cause severe pain when the cancer is against the chest wall , or severe coughing when it is in the airways.  and over time, it causes bloody sputum. Most of those detected at this stage are also signs of advanced lung cancer.  There are many causes of lung cancer. It is often impossible to give a single reason. However, the most important known responsibilities are; smoking, working environment and occupational exposure time, family history of cancer. It is very important to prevent lung cancer, especially not to smoke, pay attention to nutrition and improve the working environment. Despite everything, being diagnosed with lung cancer is troublesome, but one should try to overcome it with determination and combativeness, and not surrender immediately. If your cancer is caught from the very beginning, which we call an early stage, we see that the results are unexpectedly good. In the early period, surgical treatment alone is sufficient. In advanced periods, medication or radiation therapy can be applied together with surgery before or after it. In the last stage, drug and radiation therapy can be performed successfully.

Unfortunately, cancer treatment is still not a disease that can be fully cured today. Especially lung cancer constitutes more aggressive and negative results compared to other cancers. All this, of course, varies according to the patients. Each disease can show different results in everyone.

Malignant tumors of the lung are grouped under two main headings. These are classified as non-small cell and small cell lung cancer. Small cell lung cancers are mostly treated with drugs. Non-small cell lung cancers are also examined under two main headings. These are squamous cell and adeno cell lung cancers. Of these, the adeno type has a more aggressive and invasive feature. In both types, early surgical treatment is very successful. In general, squamous cell lung cancer patients have a higher chance of being cured.

What is Lung Benign Tumor?

They are congenital or acquired tumors of the lung. They are mostly detected incidentally in the patient. There are very few complaints. They can be detected on a chest X-ray. They do not spread like malignant tumors and do not grow to harm the human body. It can often be seen after an infection. Due to the high incidence of tuberculosis in our country, hamartoma is especially common. These also need to be followed closely. It is possible to turn into malignant cancers later on. Benign tumors that are found to be large should be evaluated surgically. It should be considered malignant until proven otherwise. It must be followed meticulously. Since advances in surgery provide patients with a more comfortable opportunity, all tumoral conditions observed in the lung must be evaluated surgically.

What is Lung Metastatic Tumor?

As it is known, the lung is an organ that cleans the blood coming from all parts of the body. For this reason, wherever there is a disease in our body, we are more likely to see it in the lungs. It is common for cancer that develops in another organ to spread to the lung, in other words, to metastasize. In the fight against cancer, sometimes the removal of metastases is in favor of the patient. It all depends on the specific circumstances. It is not made for everyone. The main rules for the removal of metastases are that there is no tumor in the place where the first tumor originates, there is no metastasis in any place other than the lung, the number and size of the metastases to be removed in the lung should be reasonable. As I said at the beginning, this is a special issue. Each patient should be evaluated meticulously in this regard.

What Are Rare Tumors of the Lung?

There are rare malignant and benign tumors of the lung. They do not differ in general approach. They are diagnosed by doing the tests we know before the surgery. Anatomical resection and lymph node dissection are performed for malignant tumors. A more appropriate resection can be applied to benign tumors according to the nature of the tumor. As a result, we can learn that the tumor is a rare tumor after pathological examination. Accordingly, we follow the patient.  Since long-term follow-up results are not available for these tumors, close follow-up is appropriate.

Note: The page content is for informational purposes only. Items containing information on therapeutic health care are not included in the page content. Consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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