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Excessive Hand Sweating

What is Excessive Hand Sweating?
What Causes Hand Sweating?

The most common place in those with excessive sweating is the hands. Excessive sweating in the hands is evident and can disturb the person very much. People with excessive hand sweating try to hide it from the society, even from their closest ones, with their unique behaviors. Due to excessive hand sweating, both in social life and at work.  they have significant difficulties in their life.  He cannot shake hands, especially due to excessive hand sweating . There is a coldness in his communication with the other party. These excessive sweats  Because of this, they enter into an antisocial structure. In addition, if they are at work or school, they can not write due to excessive sweating. This puts people in trouble and  it is tiring. Apart from these, excessive hand sweating in daily activities also leaves people in difficult situations. These are the inability to hold the car steering wheel, the inability to hold a glass  etc. as. As a result, excessive hand sweating is something that people do not want and get rid of as soon as possible.  It is among the types of sweating he wants. Along with excessive sweating in the hand, in other parts of it  There may also be excessive sweating. It is usually accompanied by excessive sweating on the feet.  Other than that seats six, face or body in general is also excessive sweating. People with excessive sweating in several places usually highlight excessive sweating on the hand. With a careful history and examination, most people with excessive hand sweating will also notice excessive sweating elsewhere. In addition to these, patients with excessive hand sweating have cold hands. This cold happens in summer and winter. Although this coldness may be due to excessive hand sweating, it is mainly due to the sympathetic hyperactivity that causes excessive hand sweating, and after the constriction of the veins to the hand, coldness occurs as a result of less blood flow to the fingers. There are a wide variety of treatment options for excessive hand sweating. However, the method of sympathectomy, called clip-on ETS , is a permanent and high-success treatment method for sweating in the form of dripping water and leaving your hand traces. The success rate after the sympathectomy with clip-on ETS is close to 100%. With the sympathectomy performed with the clip-on ETS, both excessive sweating in the hand and coldness in the hand, if any, are eliminated. Sympathectomy with clip-on ETS is performed under general anesthesia. Sympathectomy can be performed for both hands in a total of 30 minutes. It takes one hour in total for the patient to come to bed. Most of our patients are discharged on the same day. It takes about 2-7 days for them to start work. The effect of the sympathectomy performed with the clip-on ETS can be seen from the moment he comes out of the surgery and goes to bed. This effect is no longer temporary and continues for many years. Some of our patients with excessive hand sweating who underwent sympathectomy with clip-on ETS may sweat once or several times in the first week, but this is a temporary sweating and does not occur in the following days. There are two issues that patients with excessive hand sweating should know after the clip-on ETS and sympathectomy procedure. The most important of these is that they will definitely get rid of excessive hand sweating and if any, hand cold will also pass. The other is the side effects related to the sympathectomy performed with the clip-on ETS. The first side effect of the sympathectomy procedure performed with the clip-on ETS is chest pain and stinging that started after the operation. It is stated that these complaints are a little more in the first awakening period from anesthesia. Some people complain of not being able to take a deep breath at that time. All this decreases significantly over the following hours. After the patients ate their meals 4 hours later, their complaints regressed significantly. Some of our patients state that the sympathectomy procedure performed with the clip-on ETS is not that painful. As a result, pain differs because it is a personal perception. Regardless, all pain complaints are resolved in patients who underwent sympathectomy with clip-on ETS. In some cases, these pains vary from person to person, ranging from 1 week to 1 month. However, these pains are not in a way that prevents work and movements. They get a lot of relief with medication. In addition, the patient is very happy when the excessive sweating of the hands, which he has suffered for many years, has passed. This happiness makes most patients forget their pain. Reflex sweating is another issue to be aware of in the clip-on ETS and sympathectomy for excessive hand sweating. After the sympathectomy with the clip-on ETS performed as a result of excessive sweating, the patients initially experience an increase in sweating in other parts of the body, such as the trunk, back, chest, hips, between the legs and folds of the patients. In the future, this reflex sweating decreases, although it varies from person to person. However, in some of the patients, this amount of sweating can continue. For now, it is not possible to know who will start this reflex sweating and in whom it will be permanent. As it is known, sweating is important for our body. For this reason, we do not stop all sweating with the clip-on ETS sympathectomy procedure. For this reason, the body will look for another area to sweat after the hands that have been sweating excessively for many years are cut with the clip-on ETS in as little as 30 minutes. He will want to take his deficit here from another region. Therefore, reflex sweating begins. However, reflex sweating returns to normal in most patients. Reflex sweating continues in a small amount and place where it does not want. In people who continue to have excessive sweating as a reflex, these excessive sweats are tried to be controlled with other alternative treatments.

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