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aşırı terlemede cerrahi yöntemler ankara prof. dr. serdar han
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Surgical Treatment of Excessive Sweating

Surgery for excessive sweating can be performed comfortably today with satisfactory results. Surgical treatment is performed by the method we call closed surgery among the people.

This method is performed under operating room conditions and under general anesthesia. It is necessary for both the patient and the surgeon to put the patient to sleep completely. Patients do not feel anything during the procedure. When they wake up they are in their beds. The most important feature of closed surgery is the presence of small wounds. These wounds generally range from 0.5 cm to 1 cm. There is no lung-related procedure in the surgery. When the sympathetic chain is visible, the level at which the clip will be placed is determined. As soon as it is detected, a clip is placed in a short time like 5-10 minutes and the process is terminated there. Then the same action is done to the other side. In total, the duration of the operation is 30 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes before and after anesthesia. In a total of 1 hour, the patient will be in bed. Food is given 4 hours after the operation. The patient, who is then aroused, is discharged on the same evening if his general condition is suitable. There is no need for re-dressing. They can take a bath after a day. No stitches are removed as the aesthetic is sewn. It is the pain felt in the anterior chest wall or back that should be known after the operation. This pain complaint differs from person to person. But all of them have pain that decreases over time. The patient who has the complaint of sweating does not even feel the pain.

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  • Prof. Dr. Serdar Han
  • Prof. Dr. Serdar Han
  • Prof. Dr. Serdar Han
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