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Endoscopic Interventions

What are Endoscopic Interventions?

Endoscopic interventions are interventions made to examine the internal organs of the body, to take samples and, if necessary, to plan the treatment by using an optical device, light source, camera and monitor. They are methods that give patients less pain and distress.

What is bronchoscopy?

It is the examination of large and small airways with a lighted endoscopic device. It can be done with general anesthesia or local anesthesia. This varies according to the patient's condition and the procedure to be performed. Even if the patients want to sleep completely, it can be done accordingly. As a result of the examination of the structures in the airways, the diseases that can cause discomfort can be seen directly with the eye. This provides the possibility of diagnosis or treatment according to the disease. However, in some cases, it is not possible to diagnose the disease because it is outside the airways. It is not a case that every bronchoscopy will be diagnosed.


What is mediastinoscopy?

The area between the two lungs is called the mediastinum. Mediastinoscopy can be applied for the diagnosis of diseases occurring here. It is performed under general anesthesia in operating room conditions. It is the skin incision made just above the belief board at the length of the entrance. From here, the great airway (trachea) is reached. Through this road, the mediastinal region is entered with an illuminated device behind the belief board. A biopsy can be easily taken from the lymph nodes or the mass here. The technique can be done safely and easily. Most patients can be discharged on the same day.

What is a mediastinostomy?

It is a mini-open method used in the diagnosis of diseases in the mediastinum region, which we mentioned above, close to the ribs and mammary bone. It is done under general anaesthesia. Since it is a minor surgical intervention, it can be easily tolerated by the patients. The aim here is to obtain sufficient tissue samples for pathology from the diseased area.

Videothoracoscopic Interventions

It is popularly known as closed surgery. With this method, all surgeries for the lung can be performed with the closed method. This procedure is carried out according to the patient's condition and the nature of the disease. The most important advantage of this procedure is that the patient feels less pain after the operation and, accordingly, returns to work and home life earlier. Cosmetically, scars are smaller.

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