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Applied Closed Surgical Procedures

Video-assisted thoracic surgery operations are the most well-known and widely used method of closed surgery in Thoracic Surgery. ( video assistedthoracicsurgery- VATS). With the VATS method, today, for every disease  It can be done in suitable conditions and in suitable patients. In general, the procedure is performed with small incisions and special tools. The most important advantage of this method is to reduce pain and enable the patient to recover faster. Parallel to the developments in instruments, it is successfully applied with the increase of experience in the surgical team. Another closed method is robotic surgery applications. The working principle is the same as the VATS method.

  • pneumonectomy

  • lobectomy

  • segmentectomy

  • Wedge Resection

  • Sleeve Resection

  • Extended Resections

  • esophagectomy

  • Thoracic Wall Correction Operation

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