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What is Pleural Disease?

The pleura is the name of the pleura. There is an inner membrane covering one lung and an outer membrane covering the inner surface of the thorax outside the lung. Between these two membranes, there is a thin gap and a slippery liquid that allows them to move freely over each other. They allow the lungs to move freely. In addition, there is negative pressure between these two membranes for the lung to inflate and fall comfortably. There may be many disturbances between these membranes and both membranes.

What are Pleural Diseases?
How Is It Treated?

What is a pneumothorax?
Air Accumulation Between Two Dice  )

The accumulation of air between the two membranes is called pneumothorax. The air accumulating in the middle prevents the lung from deflating and, together with it, the ventilation of that lung. It causes shortness of breath. Sudden chest pain occurs in some cases of pneumothorax. This means that the lung membranes are adhered to each other. Patients often go to the doctor because of this sudden and severe pain. No sound can be heard on that side in the X-ray and the lung that is listened to, and the lung cannot be seen on that side on the chest X-ray, it is easy to diagnose. Although the treatment is variable, it is often satisfactory. In other words, the amount of free air accumulating between the membranes can be different. If it is less, only observation and oxygen therapy can be done. In intermediate and advanced levels, chest tube is applied. Treatment should be provided in about 1 week with a chest tube. If sufficient success is not achieved, surgical treatments are applied with a videothoracoscopic approach. Pneumothorax disease is in the group of recurrent diseases. It is necessary to explain this well to the patients. The frequency of recurrence is significantly reduced in patients who have undergone surgery and bonding. If there is a cause of pneumothorax, it should be investigated. The most important examination for this is high resolution lung tomography.

Pleural Effusion  What?
( Fluid Accumulation Between Inner and Outer Membrane )

It is the accumulation of fluid between the leaves of the pleura (between the inner and outer membrane). This may be the fluid of a malignant cancer or it may be a benign fluid secondary to an infection. It appears as an indicator of the underlying disease. With the progression of the disease in the lung, fluid begins to accumulate between the lung membranes. There may also be diseases of the pleura itself. The most important problem here is the inability of the lungs to do their own work, that is, shortness of breath, due to the fluid accumulating here. For this reason, the amount of fluid that can cause problems here must be treated. First, medical treatments can be tried. These are methods such as diuretics, protein supplementation or hemodialysis. If sufficient success is not achieved with these, thoracic catheters are placed to drain the fluid. If there is fluid accumulation due to a malignant tumor, pleurodesis can be performed to prevent recurrence.

What is Mesothelioma?
  Malignant Tumor of the Pulmonary Membrane  )

mesothelioma; It is the name of the malignant tumor of the lung membrane. Unfortunately, it is one of the worst-progressing cancers. The reason is asbestos found in the region or in the working environment. Occurs after long-term exposure. This period is around 40 years on average. The process is short as it does not respond well to treatments. If the general condition of the patient is good, we see that the surgical procedure and drug treatments have recently had some satisfactory results.

What is my empyema?
  Inflammation Accumulation Between Lung Membranes  )

It is an accumulation of inflammation between the lung membranes. The only treatment for the accumulated inflammation is drainage and the use of appropriate antibiotics against the microbe that caused it. Today, the incidence of empyema has decreased significantly due to the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics suitable for infections in the early period. The first thing to do is to insert a chest tube, if appropriate. If adequate drainage cannot be achieved, the empyema must be evacuated surgically.

What is Chylothorax?
  Accumulation of Lymph Fluid Between the Lung Membranes  )

It is the accumulation of lymph fluid between the lung membranes. It can be seen after injury, during surgical interventions, or after spontaneous injury to the thoracic duct. The situation is different in chylothorax compared to other fluids. It may take time to close or recover. The first treatment approach is drainage, discontinuation of oral intake and intravenous nutrition. Most cases of chylothorax can be treated with this method. Surgical treatment is applied for those whose chylothorax persists for more than 1 week or if it is excessive from the beginning. The most important thing here is that the patient and the doctor patiently follow the treatment. One of the most important situations is to get everything that is sufficient in intravenous nutrition. That's why a dietitian is so important.

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Pleura (Lung Membrane) Disorders 

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