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Reflex Sweating

What is Reflex Sweating?
Why Does It Happen?

Reflex sweating is the sweating of another place after sweating in one place has stopped. This is a physiological response of our body. It is a condition seen in patients with excessive hand, face and armpit sweating who underwent videothoracoscopic sympathectomy.

We can control the regional points in those with excessive sweating, but we cannot control the whole body. People who sweat excessively will always sweat more than normal sweaters throughout their lives due to their structure and psychological state. Sweating patients should know this well. For this reason, with sympathectomy performed in excessive hand, armpit and facial sweating, these sweating will pass, but sweating in other places will continue. In fact, the sweats in the cut areas can be added to the sweats of other regions. If there is no sweating elsewhere, there may be new sweating areas. Reflex sweating starts in most of our patients after the operation. It is impossible for us to know for whom, how long, where and when it will last. We don't have tests or other helpers to discover this ahead of time. Reflex sweating is a condition that can vary according to each individual. However, it has been reported that reflex sweating is less in those who have performed the sympathectomy at a single level or in the sympathectomies performed for hand sweating. If the sympathectomy is performed at multiple levels or if it is a sympathectomy for facial sweating, reflex sweating may be slightly more. In addition, if a patient has sweating on the face, hands, armpits and feet and all of them have been treated with sympathectomy, reflex sweating is observed excessively. Or, if the patient already has excessive sweating on his chest, back, abdomen or legs in addition to regional sweating, the sweating in these areas will increase. These are conditions that should be well known and accepted by the patient. Recycling is even lower than mentioned.  The patient should be clear and determined in the light of all this information in sweating surgery. This situation requires the patient not to regret.

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