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What are Airway Diseases?

What is Tracheal Stenosis?
(Main Airway Trachea)

In the medical language, the patient has shortness of breath due to the decrease in the diameter of the trachea and/or the trachea. It can reach levels that affect the daily life of the patient. It usually occurs after a trauma, prolonged intubation or after an opened tracheostomy. It can be seen at almost every level. In general, subglottic constrictions are more common. The struggle with the contractions here is a little more difficult and long-lasting. The main treatment methods in contractions are dilatation.

The (expansion) method is the surgical removal of the narrowed area or, if these are not possible, stent applications to keep the narrowing area wide. Recently, laser applications have also been made.

What are Tracheal Tumors?

They are rare tumors. Its treatment is surgery. Stents are used together with laser applications to keep the airway open in cases that cannot be treated surgically or that recur.

What Are Bronchial Carcinomas?

It is a disease of the smaller airways. It has two types. They are called typical and atypical. Type A is malignant. In both, surgical treatment is the main method.

What is Tracheal Ostonemia?

It is the name of the airway opened for patients who cannot breathe with their existing airways to breathe more easily. If the patient's condition improves later, this opened airway can be closed. The patient can breathe normally.

Airway Diseases (Trachea) Short Facts

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