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Face Sweating

What is Excessive Facial Sweating?
What are the Causes?

excessive facial sweating  It is a common ailment. Almost everywhere , it is possible to see people sweating beads. These sweats are so much that their necks, backs, shoulders and the shirt and sweater collar they wear are soaked . Those with excessive facial sweating may also experience excessive sweating in the hairy area.

In general, there may be excessive sweating on the face alone. Excessive sweating in the hand, under the armpit

excessive sweating, excessive sweating on the feet or widespread excessive sweating in the whole body.  Excessive sweating on the face makes the person very uncomfortable. Special in business

they are in a lot of trouble. On the other hand, they are perceived as shy, embarrassed and stressed.  It is not possible to hide the excessive sweating on the face like the excessive sweating in the other regions. However, excessive sweating on the face and head  Sinusitis and headache are common in patients with Excessive facial sweating  it is made difficult by the person who sweats. The person who sweats excessively  He thinks that he cannot express himself and that he is misunderstood because he sweats excessively. This prevents the person from revealing the current capacity. Along with excessive facial sweating, some may also experience excessive facial flushing. Both are the result of excessive sympathetic activity. There seems to be no alternative treatment methods for excessive facial sweating. The most appropriate treatment method for excessive facial sweating is sympathectomy with clip-on ETS. After the sympathectomy with the clip-on ETS , facial sweating disappears almost completely. If there is excessive facial sweating and excessive facial flushing, this also goes away after the sympathectomy with clip-on ETS. With the clip-on ETS , the sympathectomy procedure is performed in approximately 30 minutes. Patients come to their beds an hour later. They are discharged on the same day. After the excessive facial sweating after sympathectomy with clip-on ETS, there may be an increase in the amount of sweating elsewhere in the body. It was determined that the reflex sweating rate after sympathectomy in excessive facial sweating was higher than after the excessive sweating operation in other regions. Reflex sweating is more likely to come out of areas such as chest, back, abdomen, hips, if there is a sweating area on the body before. In the current sweating in these areas, it is possible to increase the amount that is cut in excessive facial sweating. Most of these reflex sweatings decrease 3-4 months after the sympathectomy with clip-on ETS. However, the same amount of sweating can continue even in a small part of it. In this case, additional support sweating treatment methods are given.

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