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What is General Body Sweating?

General body sweating, as the name suggests, is the sweating of our body from all parts of the body. In addition to local areas of excessive sweating, excessive sweating may occur together on the chest, back, around the navel, hips and legs. Widespread sweating may occur more often after a certain disease. For this reason, in patients presenting with diffuse sweating, further investigations should be performed to investigate the cause of sweating. In some patients, no cause can be found. In this case, sweat surgery  We can only do it for excessive sweating on the hands, armpits and face. We cannot stop sweating in the whole body with surgery. Cutting off all sweat is not good for health anyway. The most important thing we need to know here is that hand sweats , facial sweats and armpit sweats disappear after sweating surgery performed on people with common sweating. However, what we call reflex sweating is more common in these patients. In other words, excessive sweating can be seen more in the sweating areas that already exist in other parts of the body, as well as the amount of sweat on the hands, armpits and face, which is cut by surgery. Again, this may vary from person to person. As a result, it is not possible to cut off the sweat of the whole body. In addition, if it is desired to stop sweating on the hands, armpits and face, clip-on ets treatment is performed.


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